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A bunch of ATHS members got together in early 1992 to see if there was enough interest to start a new chapter in Minnesota - there was! The first official meeting was held the fourth Friday in June 1992 and the chapter began. A volunteer stepped up to the plate in October 1992 and started publishing the MN Metro Chapter Newsletter. It is now on its third editor, but going strong. Newsletters are mailed early in even numbered months so they arrive before the next meeting.

Regular meetings are held at the Kelley Farm Museum just east of Elk River:

Winter meetings will be on the fourth Saturday morning in October, December, and February. Start time is 9 am.

Summer meetings will remain on the fourth Friday for April, June, and August. Start time is 7:30 pm. Click on the Events link above to see when the next meeting is. If you have any questions or concerns about our chapter, please use the email link found at the bottom of this page.

Membership in the Minnesota Metro Chapter also requires membership in ATHS. Annual dues for the chapter are $15 ($7.50 if you join during Jan - Jun) payable to MN Metro Chapter via our Treasurer. You can open our application form in PDF format in a new window. You should also be given the opportunity to save the file to your hard drive. It can be read and printed out using the free Reader available through Adobe Products website. Print the form, fill it in, and mail it with your check to the address on the form. Be sure to mail the form and the check to the address at the bottom of the form, not to the President.
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The 2018 Truck Show was pretty much a rain-out

Thanks to those who put up with the weather and brought their trucks out to show.


Look for a long overdue updated website coming soon!



Old White Truck

This 1932 White truck belongs to our Treasurer, Bruce Ohnstad.

2010 Truck Show photos.

2011 Truck Show photos.

2012 Truck Show

We had a very nice turn out for our first year at Route 65 Classics. There were about 70 units in all. That would be tractors and trucks. We even had a member who brought a couple of big stationary engines. You will see them starting one in the video. We also received some positive comments about the show being on a weekend other than Father's Day.


Minnesota Metro Truck Show 2012 on Vimeo.

2013 Truck Show

It was another nice turn out for our second truck show at Route 65 Classics. There were almost as many units as last year. The skies looked a little threatening but the rain held off.

Minnesota Metro Truck Show 2013 on Vimeo.

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Minnesota Road Construction Projects:
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International Tow Truck Museum:

MN Metro Board:

President, Bruce Ohnstad
Vice President, Denny Covington
Secretary, Tim Almquist
Treasurer, John Hotvet
Newsletter Editor, Bruce Ohnstad
Regional VP, ATHS, Rocco Chianeli
Membership, Kari Kasel

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